• Dr. Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar
    Director & Practice Head - RnR
    mrajasekar at taru dot org
  • Lalit Dashora
    Senior Sector Advisor - RnR
    ldashora at taru dot org
About Transportation Analytics

About Transportation Analytics

Data analysis on transportation has traditionally been hampered due to a lack of competent data collection and management systems. However, the development of Information Technology and Telecommunication are changing the amount, type, and quality of data available to planners and managers. TARU has over the years provided innovative analysis tools to measure performance reporting and analysis for gaps and learning.

In this sector, the innovative analytical tools and direct strategies through analysis links together and processes complicated data flowing from various sources and creates clearly detailed figures and reports. This ensures advocacy around proposing automated administrative processes, a single consistent and complete database and also provide varied combination of data for audits.

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