• Knowledge and Capacity building

Expertise and Services in Knowledge and Capacity building

Promoting informed policy decisions and strengthened knowledge base

Expertise and Services in Knowledge and Capacity building

Knowledge and capacity building form a core part of the TARU’s engagement that enables our clients and stakeholders to contribute effectively in their respective sectors. Our initiatives include insight development, developing prototypes, documentation of case studies and best practices, providing issue based training and capacity building support. Our work with various bilateral and multilateral organizations, government agencies and community organizations has led to development of several national as well as international knowledge sharing platforms providing unique space for learning and sharing. Catering to the learning development needs of various organizations and institutions, TARU has contributed in strengthening knowledge base for larger policy debates and improvements for sustainable development.

Our expertise and services in knowledge and capacity building includes: 

  • Insight Development
  • Prototypes
  • Documentation of case studies and best practices
  • Knowledge sharing platform
  • Training
  • Learning Development
  • Mentoring